News Release: 4/6/2017 Millington Crisis Center

April 06, 2017
The Millington Crisis Center would like to thank the many service organizations who’ve helped us serve the community and meet the critical needs of individuals, groups and families.
Our main focus is the Millington Community but we’ve reached out to the Chicago Union Mission, AMVETS. Purple Heart, Goodwill, and many others in acknowledgement of services and needs beyond our local area.
We have partnered with UPS and other carriers in developing our “Books of Learning Project” that sends paperback books in the English language, to teachers and children in non-English speaking locations. To date, the Crisis Center has shipped over two thousand pounds of clothing north, to places such as the City Mission of Chicago, Goodwill New York, the Salvation Army in New York and Memphis. Our Program Manager regularly schedules clothing and book pick-ups with AMVETS, Purple Heart of Memphis and the Memphis Salvation Army as a means of sharing the abundances of material donations we receive. 
Though our focus is the Millington Area, all Veterans, regardless of where they live, are welcome to stop by the center if they have a need.  The Millington Crisis Center is staffed with volunteers from various military services. Each of our volunteers was either active duty or married to an active duty service member.
Please feel free to stop by the Crisis Center and we’d be happy to show you how we serve the community. Our address is 8133 Wilkinsville Rd, Millington, TN 38053,  please call to make an appointment at 901-872-4357. We are open Tues, Wed, Thurs from 10:30 to 12:30..
Program Manager & President                                                                Director
Frederick Morris                                                                                     Lois Wilber
Frederick Morris, President Board, (901) 409-8705