News Release: April 22 & 29 Millington Prepares for a Disaster Simulation

March 22, 2017
March 10, 2017
Millington Prepares for a Disaster Simulation
Big plans are underway in Millington for a mock disaster. The Millington Fire Department is arranging for its next Emergency Preparedness class. Those students along with former graduates of Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) will form a team and respond to the aftermath of a tornado at the Millington Training Center.
Unlike most emergencies, this one is scheduled. It will happen on the afternoon of Saturday April 29th. It is an opportunity for citizens to learn and practice basic skills that will help them, their families and neighbors if and when a major disaster disrupts professional response. If past simulations are any indication, it will be realistic but fun at the same time. And, there is a role for everyone regardless of abilities.
Citizens wanting to participate must register as a new CERT student or as a CERT alumni on
The free two-day Emergency Preparedness CERT class starts on Saturday April 22nd and concludes on Saturday April 29th after the mock disaster. The course begins at 8:30am and ends at 4:00pm each day.  It is held at the Millington Training Center, 5591Dakar Street.
On the first Saturday, Millington Fire Department and CERTPlus trainers teach emergency kit preparation, utility shut-off, fire suppression and medical treatment. Hands-on exercises reinforce classroom presentations. On the second day, students learn to use walkie-talkies and how to remove debris from trapped victims. They then form a team and with the help of past graduates, ‘go save lives.’ Participants receive FEMA certification. Best of all, attests Lt. Ted Dent, “This event is a strong information resource for the citizens of Millington.”
CERT Alumni looking to refresh their training are invited to register and attend on Saturday April 29th from 11am to 4pm. A working lunch starts at 11:30am and team organization at 12:30pm. Disaster response at 1:30pm is followed by a team debriefing at 3pm and certification. For more information, email or call Lee Race at 901-692-3889.
Lee Race , 901-692-3889